Gift Voucher

Gift voucher

It's not always easy to find the right gift. When everyone's taste is different the gift voucher is the safe choice! The gift is taken care of and the recipient has an unrestricted choice of our great range of vegan shoes and accessories. We're sure they'll find something they like - even the person who has everything!

The gift voucher along with the code will be sent by e-mail as a PDF. This way you can be sure that the voucher arrives on time, even if you order last-minute. If you choose for the gift voucher to be sent directly to the recipient by e-mail your personal message will be sent with it. You can even choose on which day it should be sent.on. If you choose the smaller version, your personal message will be included in the e-mail instead.

Gift vouchers are only valid for footwear and accessories and can’t be used to purchase further gift vouchers.

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100% vegan and carefully selected by a small team of passionate people.

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