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TOMS was founded by Texas native Blake Mycoskie, who had started numerous successful businesses after an injury in college forced him to quit his promising career as a tennis player. However, it was a visit to Argentina in 2006 where he eventually found his calling and that subsequently should change the world of footwear forever. Traveling through the country Mycoskie was confronted with the poverty of people, many of whom not being able to even provide shoes for their children. Around the same time, Mycoskie came across a shoe design worn by polo players, whose simplicity but high functionality fascinated him. Inspired by his experiences and the need to make a change, Blake'S entrepreneurial spirit made him come up with a sustainable business model that is still exemplary for a successful company with true ethical value.

The idea is a simple as it is genius. True to the slogan "One for One", for every pair of shoes purchased another pair would be donated to children in need. In 2006 Mycoskie returned to Argentina with 10,000 pairs of shoes for kids, the next year it was 50,000 that went to South Africa. Up until today, TOMS has donated 86 million shoes in 70 countries.

This success has enabled TOMS to do more, while staying true to it's original idea. The range of shoes no longer consist of the classic espadrilles, TOMS offers versatile sneakers and sandals as well. In 2011, TOMS launched an eyewear collection that helps to provide prescription glasses, medical treatment and/or sight-saving surgery with each purchase of eyewear and has up to date helped 40,000 people restoring their eyesight. In addition, TOMS has introduced its own coffee that helps to provide clean, safe water in 6 countries. The program "Safer Brith" supports training for skilled birth attendants and the distribution of birth kits, helping mothers to safely deliver their babies in regions where medical care is not accessible to all.

All of this makes TOMS more than a company, it is a movement. And we are happy to have them!


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