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Flamingos Life

Vegan Sneakers by Flamingos Life

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We are excited to present another innovative and 100% vegan footwear brand, FLAMINGOS LIFE, within the avesu family.

The retro-modern sneaker creations of this Spanish brand have quickly gained widespread popularity. Veganism is not just a fashion trend for FLAMINGOS LIFE; it represents the entire philosophy of the company. FLAMINGOS aims to be part of the solution to the ecological crisis contributed significantly by the conventional fashion industry. The use of exclusively vegan, recycled, and organic materials helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and conserve water resources. The favorable ecological footprint of FLAMINGOS sneakers compared to leather shoes is certified by BCOME. FLAMINGOS sneakers have about one-third less water consumption and 37% lower CO2 emissions.

The founders of this trendy footwear brand demonstrate their concern for animals, fellow human beings and the environment through their support for reforestation projects (Madagascar, Mozambique), initiatives to free the oceans from waste (Waste Free Oceans), and the construction of drinking water wells in Uganda (Agua ONG).

Flamingos shoes are crafted in family-owned businesses in Spain (Elche) and Portugal. Materials such as corn, bamboo, hemp, organic cotton (pesticide-free), and sustainably sourced natural rubber from the Hevea Brasiliensis tree are utilized. Stylish, vegan, made from sustainable materials, and ethically produced – FLAMINGOS checks all the boxes. You can proudly wear your new pair of FLAMINGOS LIFE sneakers!

Flamingos Life

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